Welcome to ‘Flavour-town’, Population: You!

Yo! Welcome to the site, the blog, and my home-conceived, one-man ‘Jerk’ business…

I’ve been honing down my jerk recipe for a number of years now to put happy (and tangy) faces on thousands of people – hundreds a week in my chef  work, and many times at home and for my friends dinner parties

Cooking needs a lot of attention to detail, but it also has to be straightforward when you do it for the masses – you don’t keep people waiting, especially when they know how good it’ll be!

So, my ethos with ‘What a Jerk!’ is to have a marinade and cook-in sauce that is packed with flavour and simple to use

And here we are, live on the inter-web! Woo hoo!

I’ve recently expanded the range from the original, the classic ‘What a Jerk!’ to three in the range:

 ‘DO fear the Reaper’ started out to shut up my chilli-mad friends who suggested that I could make my sauce hotter – the cheek of it! I went for it, though! Not simply the heat of the legendary Carolina Reaper but complex, spiced and smoky flavours

‘New Jerk City’ is the friend that we all like to see; milder, yes – but full of spice and tropical fruit. Bring the beach and the sunshine into the home kitchen.

I want everyone to be able to enjoy these jerk marinades 

So, that is the plan: a simple and versatile way of cooking in some great, spiced flavours. Made by hand – by myself and, occasionally, with the assistance of Bobby and Taang from the office (see photo below)

Have a look around the site and thanks again for visiting. There are some recipes here for every predilection, palette and occasion – or simply get saucy and cook…

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Have Fun!