About ‘What a Jerk!’ Products

…and what is Jerk Sauce, anyway?

Jerking is a Caribbean style of cooking – a spicy rub or marinade usually for chicken or pork containing the key ingredients of Scotch bonnet chillies, allspice (pimento) as well as other flavours from native ingredients, as well as  influences from the West Indies and Africa.

Jamaica is proudly synonymous with Jerk; Jamaican Jerk is how it is rightly known. The term ‘Jerk’ comes from ‘Jerking’ – piercing the meat before flavouring it and cooking over a wood or charcoal-fired pit (often a repurposed oil drum), which adds a deep smoky flavour

I have loved these flavours for many years and, as a restaurant chef, I have worked on my own Jerk-style marinades, trying to get some of the classic flavours – as well as experimenting with other complementary notes and tangy hits!

‘What a Jerk!’ marinades are designed to be easy for home cooking, as most of us haven’t got a fire pit to hand on a wet Wednesday in the UK … though finishing them on a bbq or char-grill is totally boss!

Whether you like Veggies, Meat, Fish, or everything – I’ve a marinade for you, and some simple recipes packed with flavour

There is also a ‘What a Jerk!’ for everyone – from the salivating heat-lover to those who like a tingle. Flavour is the king here, not raw power  

What a Jerk! ‘Nuts & Bolts’

Weights and measures

Each jar contains 280g Net weight (‘e’) of marinade


All ‘What a Jerk!’ marinades are £5.00 each. Simple


Free delivery in the Brighton & Hove area …probably me on a bike

Further afield: Jars are perfect for our product – reusable and easily recyclable, but also heavy…so, the best way that i can maximise your Jerk vs. postal costs is…

Upto: any 3 Jars – £6.00 (Royal Mail, 2nd Class; Guaranteed and Signed For)

Upto: any 8 Jars – £11.50 (Royal Mail, 2nd Class; Guaranteed and Signed For)

Recycling and environmental responsibility

Here at ‘What a Jerk’ we take care that all product packaging is as easy to reuse and recycle as possible – glass jars, recycled paper and cardboard are used exclusively

I use local suppliers for my chillies, and other ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible