#2 Slow-Cooked Pulled Brisket Wraps, Serves 4 and more

For the Jerked Brisket

  • 900g-1 kg Beef Brisket (if you can’t find it,
  • pork shoulder is also great)
  • 1 Jar of What A Jerk! ‘DO Fear the Reaper’
  • 1 Stock Cube (‘Rich’ Beef or Chicken)

In a medium-sized oven dish (or a bowl/tub) … Cover the meat in the marinade – use gloves or a utensil to rub it in!!

Cover/cling film and fridge for at least 2-3 hours, preferably overnight

Preheat the oven to 130 °C

Get a heavy frying pan nice and hot

Let the marinade drain off a bit but keep it reserved for the next step!

Brown the meat for 2-3 minutes on each side

Make up the stock cube in a measuring jug with 450ml just-boiled water

Transfer the browned meat into your oven dish with all the pan juices, stock and the marinade that you kept aside … use a splash of water and a wooden spoon to get the pan juices all out!

Ideally, your oven dish should be 5-lcm/ 1.5″+ deep – the meat should be covered by liquid

Cover tightly and put in the middle of the oven for approx. 4 to 5 hours, (depends on the size of the pieces)

Uncover and let the steam escape. Then, with a fork in each hand, pull the tender meat apart (if it doesn’t break apart easily

– back in the oven it goes!)

Equipment recommended:

A lidded casserole, ‘Dutch Oven’, or just an oven-proof dish & tin foil – one small enough so the meat is covered (submerged) in the liquid

Gloves/tongs to marinade the meat

Don’t have an oven dish the right size?

Don’t worry …
… simply brown the meat in the frying pan, then transfer with all the liquids to a lidded saucepan (or a slow cooker) and simmer until it pulls apart …

For the filling and the wraps

  • 1 Packet (8) Large Flour Tortillas
  • 1 Red/ 1 Green Bell Pepper, sliced
  • 1 bunch Spring Onions, sliced
  • 200g Cherry Tomatoes, halved
  • 1 small bag Baby Spinach
  • 300ml Sour Cream
  • 100-1 S0g grated Mild Chedder

So: Brisket is ready? Lets wrap…

Remove the tortilla packaging and wrap in tin foil. Place in the oven (which should still be warm) for 5-10mins, then …

Peel one-off, lay on a flat surface, adding: firstly, a dollop of Soured Cream – use the back of a spoon to spread it – then some Spinach leaves, a nice helping of Brisket, the sliced Peppers, Spring Onions, Tomatoes, and a sprinkle of Cheddar

The mix should sit in the wrap more towards you than to the centre, with two fingers width (4cm) free at each side

1 .Fold one side in over the mix: then hold a finger over that fold …

Roll the end nearest to you over the mix, like you are rolling up a rug!

Repeat for the rest!

Feeling naughty? Fold in both ends of the tortilla, arrange in an oven tray, cover with cheddar and bake at 160°C for 5-10 mins or until golden

Serve up and enjoy! As they are, or with Rice, Tortilla Chips, Fries …